Jasmine Rempel is a Canadian contemporary artist who is inspired by nature. Her favourite thing to do is to be in the great outdoors planting in her gardens, kayaking along calm waters, hiking scenic trails, and walking along a water’s edge. When she is in her studio, she reimagines the sights and feelings from these moments and wishes to express them on a canvas. She uses acrylic paint to explore many different techniques and styles to express beauty and creativity and to evoke feeling. Whether she is painting a realistic chickadee, a stylized tulip, or in a more abstracted manner, Jasmine’s art is marked by sensitivity and passion.

Jasmine grew up in various regions in Alberta and British Columbia, including Fort McMurray, the Kootenays and Vancouver Island. Her parents taught her to appreciate being in nature, and she has many fond memories of family time spent camping, swimming, hiking, and gardening. Her mother, an artist herself, taught Jasmine and her siblings to create home-made gifts and cards, and Jasmine recalls learning to paint and draw alongside her. As she matured, Jasmine’s home-nurtured creativity did not go unnoticed by others, as her teachers reported that she had an aptitude for art. After graduation from high school, Jasmine studied visual arts and education at Vancouver Island University. She currently teaches at an elementary school in Kamloops, BC, and paints in her free time.

Jasmine Rempel Artist Painter

Jasmine Artwork

Jasmine feels in her element when colours are flowing from the tip of her brush. She paints with acrylic and watercolours. She continually studies the works of other painters to learn from their techniques and diverse styles. She is most drawn to the works of other nature-inspired artists, especially those that represent the subjects she resonates with, namely those that capture the experience of beholding the beauty of wildlife and landscapes. Please take time to wander through Jasmine’s works to see bold and expressive brush strokes and carefully rendered lines, and may you find yourself inspired by her interpretations and expressions of nature!